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The Chimney and Fireplace Specialists

* Installation of Wood Stoves and Chimney Stack

* Chimney Relining - Chimney Fire Restoration Specialists

* Masonry Repairs & Rebuild - Waterproofing

* Animal Displacement - Dryer Vent

* Cleaning\Certified Chimney Restoration

* Installation of Gas Logs and Gas Lines

* Fireplace, Furnace, Hot Water Flues Cleaned

* Chimney Caps and Dampers

* Fire Box Repair & Rebuild

* New Homeowner Inspections - Red Tag Specialist

* Insurance Claims

* Professional Workmanship

* Home Improvements, Decks, Remodeling

* Complete Chimney Restoration From Fire & Lightning Strikes

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Complete Home Improvements, Masonary Repairs - Patchwork or Replace, Chimney Flashing, Roof Repairs / Replace, Gutters and Downspouts, Soffit and Facia, Siding - Windows - Doors, Decks - Handrailings, Plumbing Repairs,Concrete Work - Patch or Replace, Compete Carpentry Work, Painting, Drywall Repairs, Plaster Repairs, Remodeling, Gamerooms, Emergency Service,Storm Damage Experts, Insurance Losses - Repairs, Demolition Work and Disposal, We Do it all.






Absolute Chimney