Fireplace Restoration


Pittsburgh Chimney & Fireplace Restoration

A fireplace and chimney is made up of several parts including the mantel, the hearth, the firebox and the smoke chamber.  Over the years, these components can get damaged, wear out or no longer fall within modern code requirements.

Our restoration services often includes renovation, enlargement, lining, relining and restoration of economic, historic and residential chimneys.

We specialize in repairing and restoring chimneys to their original beauty and functionality.

Your restoration may include:

  • Replacing cracked or damaged brickwork
  • Realigning warped or crooked chimneys
  • Restoring chimney masonry with quality materials

Around the clock chimney services!

We provide a thorough analysis, quotes and services around-the-clock, including weekends. If you recently bought a home or business with a chimney, contact Absolute Chimney for an inspection and assessment of what needs to be done. We can restore your chimney as well as the firebox and shaft to ensure a sturdy working chimney.

Not only do we check the chimney shaft, our technicians look at the entire roof to determine if there are cracks or holes where smoke can enter an attic or walls, leading to dangers from carbon monoxide poisoning. A thorough inspections will give you peace of mind that your and your family will safe and warm.

We provide Chimney Repairs and Fireplace Restoration services for Southwestern Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh and surrounding communities. Call 412-751-5525 today for an appointment to meet with a trusted chimney expert at Absolute Chimney & Restoration.

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Absolute Chimney provides top quality chimney, fireplace and restoration services at great prices all across Southwestern Pennsylvania. Our 5 star verified ratings and testimonials across the web is proof of our reputation. Call our office today. You’ll be glad you did!

“Prompt and professional service. Addressed an issue with a newly installed damper in a very timely manner. Highly recommend Absolute Chimney.”

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