Selkirk Chimney Systems (SCS) meets every installation requirement

The Ultra-Temp All-Fuel Chimney system includes a variety of components to meet every installation requirement. These components may be combined in a wide variety of ways to solve almost any chimney installation problem.

The Selkirk Chimney System (SCS) is ideal for venting residential heating appliances burning wood, #2 oil, and natural and LP gas. These appliances include fireplaces, wood stoves, furnaces, and hot water tank flues. They have been specifically designed for today’s modern, high-efficiency “airtight” wood stoves. They are designed for gravity (natural draft), non-positive internal pressure venting only. The SCS is usable on any appliance having a power burner (such as an oil furnace) if that appliance operates with neutral or negative draft at its outlet.

Chimney Stack Applications

Short or tall, large or small, there is a Selkirk Chimney System to suit every need or appliance. The following diagrams are intended as guides to proper part selection for several common chimney installations. Keep in mind that these diagrams do not show the exact details for installation of the various chimney parts. They supplement the instructions by illustrating a wider variety of complete chimney systems.

Chimney Installation diagrams

While the primary emphasis in the diagrams is on solid-fuel appliances, the type of appliance originally selected must never affect the installation of the chimney.

Whether the chimney is initially connected to a gas, oil or wood-burning appliance, the parts used and clearances to combustibles are always the same. Remember that at some future time, the same chimney may serve a wood furnace, even if it started out with gas or oil.

1. Maintain the minimum 2″ AIRSPACE clearance to combustibles and to any insulation except SUSI.
2. For joint security–use Locking Bands or screws for the chimney and its connector.

NOTE: The drawings shown of these installations are solely for assistance in product selection. Reference should be made to the Selkirk Chimney System installation instructions for full and exact details of a correct installation.

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